Pruning Roses

Here in the Central Valley California it has been such a rainy winter (answered prayer as we are in a drought) that I haven’t had a chance to go out and prune my roses. Normally you would want to prune in January, so I am completely late, but I think it will be okay. Roses are pretty hardy and normally resilient to pruning. Here is a picture of my roses pre-pruned.


And here are all the tools I will be using: (Sorry my gloves are so dirty, they have been around for awhile.)


When I prune my roses, I like to cut out some of the old wood and any of the dead stems.


I always try to prune at an angle as it leaves more living wood and water can’t settle on the stem and cause problems. I try to find a bud towards the outside, so the rose will grow out.


It’s important as I prune to open up the inside of the bush. It will allow for good air circulation and light to get in. Roses are notorious for Powdery Mildew so air circulation can help reduce that. Here is my finished bush:


After it’s pruned it’s always good to feed and water it. I’m using the Bayer Advanced Garden 2-in-1 Rose & Flower Care. This will not only feed the roses but also take care of some pests. Unlike some spray systemic, this one shouldn’t hurt the bees as it is placed as a granular for the roots to pick up. It kills insects, which suck on the sap of the plant. This one should kill both Aphids and Thrips, which are boogers around here. My roses are pretty well developed so I use about a capful of rose food per plant. I sprinkle it evenly around the base of each plant. 

*(Always read the label before you use any pesticide.)


Coffee Time

img_0093.jpgCoffee is a big deal in a Dutch family. My fondest and earliest memories are going to my Grandparents house for coffee tijd after church every Sunday. My grandmother had little Dutch cups for all of us grandkids so we could have our milk and sugar saturated coffee in. I think this is a way Dutch parents get their children to love coffee at an early age.

It also seems to me that Dutch people can get very particular about what time Coffee tijd is…Growing up it was always 10:00 am sharp! But my husband’s family has assured me that 10:30 is a better time. Anyway, it’s all “goed” as long as you got some nice, hot, strong coffee brewing around the 10:00 hour.

This is such a lovely tradition the Dutch have that I had taken for granted all my life. Growing up I was surrounded by people who had the same traditions as me, you just assumed everyone did this…until you grow up and visit an “American” friend at 10:00 am and get offered a glass of water. I have chosen to be grateful for the glass of water and most importantly her friendship. She just didn’t know that it was coffee time. So next time we visit, it will be at my house and she will be able to let me know if she takes cream or sugar.


Just another blog…

Yes, yes…this is just another blog from someone who has just way too much to say and not enough audience to hear it. My sister told me I should start this blog, so I thought I would take her advice and try it…I mean, it should be therapeutic if nothing else.

I should introduce myself…I am a dutch wife and what that means is that I come from immigrant parents. My mom immigrated from the Netherlands when she was 17, and she instilled a lot of her Dutch heritage and customs in us kids. My Dad also came from a Dutch family which made my life growing up very traditionally dutch. I love to follow the traditions, and to create new memories with my kiddos.

I met my Dutch Dairyman husband almost 20 years ago…Having children and living the country life is heaven to me. I just love the life we have carved out here and I hope you will enjoy taking a peak at my life every now and then.